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Me Must Tell our Girls How Beautiful They Are! f

I saw this the other day and it has taken me some time to process it. It touched me because I have daughters and I agonize to know that they know how BEAUTIFUL they are and that they have a Father who lets them know that. I don’t know her whole story; but what I do know that for young girls like her; we need to change our narrative. For MEN/FATHERS (because that’s my work) We need to start by ensuring they understand that their beauty begins on the inside. We need to validate their hearts so that it resonates through whatever skin tone they have. We not JUST our Brothers Keeper; but our Sisters Keeper as well. IF NOBODY TOLD YOU TODAY; My beautiful precious SISTER; you need to know that GOD has ordained your worthiness; let NO MAN diminish that. You are the flavor of the earth, the diamond in the sky, the wind beneath our wings. YOU ARE IN THE BEST OF TERMS; BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Overwhelmed With Urgency


I woke up this morning with this overwhelming feeling of urgency. Odd feeling for a Sunday Morning as I woke up thanking God for all he has done for me, my family and my work. Torn with whether or not to go to church, when there should have been no debate; I let the feeling overwhelm and paralyze me. When you are immerse in the ministry of saving people its hard to determine when to break away and save yourself.

My heart aches for my people and my community and I’m faithful enough to know that God can heal all things and there is a lesson in the process. I thank God for my passion, purpose and position. Because of it, I want so much for my family, children, church, friends and community. I recognize I’m just one solider on the battle field and there are other brothers and sisters that God has anointed to battle in their own way. Knowing All this; it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to save the world myself.

I accept, I can’t do it by myself. I also understand that the work will only be done by a few. Yet that still doesn’t stop me from wanting to save the world by myself. I guess what I really want for myself and for others like me, is that God will rest upon us; patience, hope and the passion never to give up.

I’m realizing that “urgency” isn’t an emotion, but it is a state of mind. One that we must content with in order to press forward. This thing that I have; this compassion and desire to want the best for people; I can’t give it back. Its part of who I am; its the gift God has instilled in me. It’s my work, my mission, my ministry. It’s what will drive me to my last breathe.

God I give myself to you to use me and accomplish the things you have placed in my life. I now understand that the urgency in me is really your presence over me. Thus without it, I am without you. 

Now; I stand on my feet and ready myself for the world, the task, the ministry knowing that I am blessed to be chosen. THANK YOU GOD for allowing me to serve.

As serious as this subject of Fatherlessness is; I try to find spaces where I can lighten up the conversation, but still put out great information…My sister is awesome in helping me do that.


Date Confirmed -  Langston Hughes African American Film Festival | SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2014; 4 p.m. | 104 17th Ave | Seattle, WA 98144 | For more information http://www.langstoninstitute.org

Jackson State University | Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color Conference (COSEBOC) | Jackson, MS | April 22, 2014; 7 p.m. For more information call (781) 775-9461 or visit http://www.coseboc.org

The narratives that I have heard on the road with Spit’in Anger has been nothing short of incredible. It’s enlighten to see communities across the country and how the issue of fatherlessness is impacting their well-being. We would love to tell the story of Fatherfullness (and will) but this issue of anger and emotion must be told and explored so we can create MORE fatherfull narratives.

The Weight of Pain in New Orleans

I had the pleasure of showing my ninth screening of Spit’in Anger in New Orleans at the Andrew Wilson Charter School. Given the brief history of the school, it was an honor to play a small role in it’s continuing recovery from Hurricane Katrina; which totally destroyed the school. 

Awesome night with the New Orleans Fatherhood Consortium (@FathersConsort) at the Andrew Wilson Charter School in New Orleans…Spit’in Anger is rolling along.

This screening was hosted in Springfield, Mass with SEEDS OF A FATHER and Kevin Anthony Green on March 28th. A few of the participants shared their thoughts with our co-producer Ali Brathwaite. For more information, visit www.spitinanger.com

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Detour or Distraction?

Today, I heard some stuff that just sent my blood pressure through the roof. But rather that react; I stayed in the space that God had me in. I hate when people try to punch a hole in your TRUTH, cause it doesn’t verify their LIE. Thank You Lord for my wife; and her ability to regulate the thief at the back door. Because in my head, I was in my car and headed West to handle it. BUT, BUT, BUT; something said to me; that’s just the devil knocking at your door seeing if this is one you will answer. (Its a deep devil that will use the Lord’s work to bait you.) Anyway; I kept to my task and purpose and while my cup for the moment felt half full; He sent me THREE phone calls from people I have never met. ALL of them poured into me and told me how my work has impacted them and how much they admired my ability to stay true to the work at hand, no matter how unworthy people attempt to make the task. I learned today the difference between a distraction and a detour. A distraction is meant to draw your attention in the hopes that you will destroy yourself; a detour is meant to help you avoid danger with the intention of saving yourself. So; nice try devil; and Thank You God for the scenery on my little detour today and for placing me back on track!

Photoblog Sets to Paint Fatherless Portrait

Fathers Incorporated readies Faces of a Fatherless Nation

For ten years, Fathers Incorporated (FI) has traveled the United States and the world and has seen first hand the faces of fatherlessness. In Africa, where the rise of father absence is largely unrecognized, to Mongolia where the discussion of father absence is emerging, and even a recent trip to Malaysia where the conversation around the importance of fathers took front stage, it is clear to FI that the world cares about keeping fathers connected to their children and families.

“It is statistically impossible to know how many people are fatherless, yet indicators continue to prove that its impact is devastating, no matter who you are or where you come from,” says Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director of the New York based and internationally recognized non-profit, Fathers Incorporated. “Painfully, most of my time is spent dealing with the issue of fatherlessness in my own Black community; however, that fact does not create a boundary around my work. The issue resonates across socio-economic status; race, religion, gender, geographic and generational paradigms.

This idea came to Braswell after sitting in the airport. “I was watching people and wondering to myself, how many people who pass you everyday are carrying some measure of fatherless pain,” says Braswell.  “I decided I wanted people to see their faces in the hopes of bringing some measure of compassion and awareness to the issue.”

Faces of A Fatherless Nation (www.facesofafatherlessnation.com) is FI’s attempt at allowing people to see what the diverse face of fatherlessness looks like. FI also hopes that it will help others to understand that they are not alone in how they feel, and thus, begin to engage in some measure of healing.

The site will launch in mid-June; however, submissions for photos will begin on April 14, 2014. Upon submission of the photos, which will also include a short personal statement, our team will review and select powerful posting appropriate for blog. The project will also have partner photographers who will take on the task of providing the site with their personal contribution of fatherless photos.  FI is also seeking media partners and organizations who will help spread the word for submissions of photo stories.

“I have no other objective for the work other than to heal and inspire, which is what I pray it does. We will see where it goes, but based on my travels and experiences, I believe it will build a strong platform for healing to those who have been affected by father absence and help fathers and others to visually understand the pain and loss that occurs when these men aren’t meaningfully connected to their children and families,” says Braswell.

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The Unanswered Pain of Dennis Rodman

How can you not help but be a HUGE fan of a 5-time champion and one of the basketballs best rebounder; even if its Dennis Rodman. The man was a beast on the court. Unfortunately it may not be what his legacy will tell history about him. As someone who is all to well aware of what pain looks like, one can surmise that this is a brother in deep, denied and destructive pain. I had a chance the other evening to see the Oprah Winfrey “Where Are They Now” episode on Dennis; including an interview done some 17 years ago. He was in pain then, and still hasn’t resolve the issues in his life that has cause him so much grief. 

Some time ago Dennis was able to meet is father; Philander Rodman who left Dennis’ mother 48 years ago. In addition, the dude had Twenty-nine children by 16 mothers. (My God!).

Every time I see a public story like this, my heart aches because I know its a public exhibition of what takes place in communities all across this nation and world. And while the painful impact may not be so severe on every child; the pain eventually will find its way through. Yet; yet, yet; this brother upon meeting his father; still only wanted to embrace him and desires, hopes for and seeks to eventually have a relationship with him.

Clinically; call it whatever you want; but from a man’s eye view; fatherlessness is ALL OVER this.


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My Night in Springfield, Mass with Seeds of a Father

I’m grateful to the folks of Springfield, MA for giving me such a warm and welcoming atmosphere tonight. Thank You to my co-producer; Ali Brathwaite for taking the ride out and hanging with a brother and allowing me to pile ALL my great big ole ideas on ya. I missed my wife Tracy Brown-Braswell; doing my opening (I forget to SELL). I met so many awesome people. I just thankful that God is allowing me to be in the presence of so many of HIS people.